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What do we chuck out in a year?

Getting rid of unwanted stuff has never been easier, with household waste recycling centres, civic amenity sites and municipal dumps in pretty much every town across the UK. Town councils, too, are encouraging us to recycle with various collection systems and online advice. Yet how many of us actually stop to think about how much waste we are actually getting rid of, say in a 12-month period? The Government estimates that we chuck out 177 million tonnes of waste every year in ... Read more

Sorting out your home, the Kondo way

Sorting out a house or flat full of clutter is not normally high up on people's list of things that bring them pleasure. Yet, according to Japanese de-cluttering expert, Marie Kondo, sorting through possessions should be a process that's full of joy and gratitude. She believes that it can be a life-changing experience if tackled in the right way. According to Kondo's book, The life-changing magic of tidying up, the secret to maintaining a mess-free, efficient household is to complete a one-off, ... Read more