Basement clearance

Basement clearance

By their very nature, basements can be hard to reach and even harder to remove rubbish from. Yet they can easily become a dumping ground for rubbish that you intend to dispose of later.

Steep stairs, dim lighting and damp conditions render clearing the basement a lot harder than other rooms in a house or block of flats. We can do the job for you and have a team of trained colleagues who work quickly, safely and effectively without having to resort to drastic measures to remove items.

Need help to clear rubbish from your commercial or domestic building basement? We have huge experience in clearing junk from all size and types of basements.

We use dustsheets at the basement entrance to make sure the dirt isn’t transferred to the rest of the house. We also sort through everything to double check that you are not throwing away anything valuable that you might regret later.

No Junk is too big or too small for us

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What our clients say about us

Very impressed by the prompt clearance of my flat, they were very quick and very helpful. The staff were really friendly and generally made the experience a pleasant one, I will definitely by using you again if need be.
Billy Hawkes