Storage facilities

Storage facilities

Storage facilities can contain anything – the overflow of household clutter, cherished heirlooms, or business stock. But when the time comes to empty them, the task of clearing and sorting storage facilities can be daunting.

Simply Junk Removal can take charge of the clearance of your storage unit, taking the stress away from you. We separate out items of value to be kept or sold before disposing of the rest in a responsible manner. We recycle, reuse or donate whatever we can to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you need to store belongings temporarily between house moves, Simply Junk Removal pack and deliver everything to and from storage facilities with a professional and reliable service you can count on. All packing materials can be provided and valuable or fragile items will be wrapped and secured to guarantee their safety during transit and storage.

For owners of storage units whose customers have defaulted on payments, Simply Junk Removal is licenced and qualified to clear the contents for you. We will identify anything of value to be sent to our auction partners, giving you the money back on everything that is sold.

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Seeing as it was such a small job I expected them to have a very relaxed approach about clearing out my garden shed, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were able to see me on the same day and they were able to do it in under an hour which goes to show they took it just as seriously as they would have with any other client. Customer satisfaction is clearly a big deal for these guys.
Joseph Lyon