Garage Clearance

Garage/shed/bunker clearance

How many of us know exactly what we have got in the garage, bunker or shed, and how to lay our hands on it all? Outhouses and garages tend to absorb clutter, much of which is useless and can be disposed of without too much hassle.

We can clear garages and sheds, working in any location, no matter how tricky the access or damp the conditions. We will sort out everything that we find to make sure we are not throwing anything away that you will regret later, and we will clear up after ourselves once the job is done.

Got a garage or garden shed full of rubbish? At Simply Junk Removal we can tackle all size garages or garden shed Clearance Jobs .

No Junk is too big or too small for us

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What our clients say about us

When I got new furniture for my office I expected getting rid of the old stuff to be long dragged out process. However when I called Simply Junk Removal my assumptions were quickly proven wrong, they told me they could see me on the same day and they were able to remove all of it within one afternoon.
Jamie Williams