Packaging Prices

Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap – £12.75

  • This black blown pallet wrap protects your valuable products as well as stabilising and securing the pallet load.
  • Blown pallet wrap, or stretch film and stretch wrap, is a premium film with high puncture resistance that is tacky on both sides providing greater cling strength and pallet load stability.
  • The superior qualities of blown film compared to cast film make this type of pallet wrap our most popular film choice.
Kraft Roll

MG ribbed Kraft rolls

  • 500mm – £39.75
  • 1150mm – £69.75
Acid free packing paper

Acid free packing paper

  • 500×750 – £22.50
  • 750×1000 – £37.50
Packing Paper

Packing Paper – £12.75

  • Newspaper offcuts for wrapping and budget priced void fill.
  • 500 x 750mm
  • Sheets Per Packm
  • 10kg
Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap

  • 500mm cost (£16.50)
  • 750mm cost (£20.50)
  • 1000mm cost (£27.00)
  • 1200mm cost (£32.50)
  • 1500mm (£39.75)
  • Premium quality Jiffy Bubblewrap uses advanced technology to incorporate a barrier film. This unique process seals each bubble, improving bubble strength and preventing air loss, providing improved long-term cushion protection and performance.
  • This special blend is puncture resistant and ‘easy tear’, allowing the bubblewrap to be neatly and quickly separated by hand.
Packing Tape

Packing tape (brown)

  • Cost per Roll (£1.50)
  • Cost 6 Rolls (£9.00)
  • Our high quality vinyl tape is commonly used to seal cartons, boxes, bags and packages of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for securing packages for removal or storage.
  • 48mm / 65m
Fragile Tape

Packing tape (fragile)

  • Cost per Roll (£1.50)
  • Cost 6 Rolls (£9.00)
  • The perfect tape to use when sending expensive or fragile items by courier. Fragile print is red on white polypropylene low noise tape.
  • 48mm / 65m
Packing Boxes


  • Our sturdy double wall cardboard boxes are perfect for moving products that require a high level of protection. These strong boxes are perfect for shipping delicate household items such as jewellery and glassware or electrical goods.
  • Suitable for long-term storage, our double-wall cardboard boxes are great for protecting contents from dirt and dust when moving house.
  • Our double-wall cardboard boxes come in sizes 18x12x12 and 18×18 x18 inches.
  • Our cardboard boxes are available for collection directly from our warehouse.
  • Cost for small (18X12X12) (£1.50)
  • Cost for large (18x18x18) (£2.10)

Wardrobe boxes

  • These Heavy Duty, Double Wall Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes include a robust hanging rail and are designed to prevent creasing, crushing, and atmospheric damage of your clothes during transit.
  • The boxes are printed with warning signs and have pre-cut carry handles to allow for seamless transportation.
  • Comes flat packed, ready for use. Ideal for removals, and the fashion industry.
  • Cost per cartoon (£10.05)

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