Packing materials

Packing materials

As part of our relocation and packing service, Simply Junk Removal supplies all the packing materials needed for your house move. Not only is this a cheaper and more efficient alternative to sourcing your own – it also means you don’t need to estimate in advance how much packaging you will need.

Our packing materials not only include bags and boxes, but also specialised materials for wrapping and securing larger fragile items such as mirrors or fine pieces of art, to protect them during transit. We can then take away any packaging you don’t want at the end. One less thing for you to have to sort after the move!

As an eco-friendly junk removal company, we recycle or reuse as many packing materials as we can, reducing our carbon footprint as far as possible.

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Seeing as it was such a small job I expected them to have a very relaxed approach about clearing out my garden shed, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were able to see me on the same day and they were able to do it in under an hour which goes to show they took it just as seriously as they would have with any other client. Customer satisfaction is clearly a big deal for these guys.
Joseph Lyon