Loft/Attic Clearance

Loft/attic clearance

Lofts are a great place to store anything that you are not quite sure what to do with, or that you think you may want to throw away, but haven’t got time right now.

When the time is right for a sort out, the job can seem daunting. Simply Junk Removals can help, getting into the loft and clearing it out safely and efficiently.

We will work cleanly, too, disposing of anything that cannot be reused or recycled and cleaning up behind us as we go. Once we have finished, you will have a nice, clear attic in which you can lay insulation, begin a loft conversion or simply use the space to organise more effective storage.

No Junk is too big or too small for us

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What our clients say about us

Very impressed by the prompt clearance of my flat, they were very quick and very helpful. The staff were really friendly and generally made the experience a pleasant one, I will definitely by using you again if need be.
Billy Hawkes