Decluttering and hoarding

Life can get so hectic that we don’t notice the mess building up at home. Some of us find it hard to get rid of old or broken belongings, while others struggle with more complex issues relating to hoarding and having to live in a dysfunctional home.

Simply Junk Removal can help eradicate the clutter, sorting through belongings to see what’s worth keeping what can be recycled, donated to charity or sold on.

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Sorting through belongings in this fashion can be challenging for people for all kinds of reasons, and using a third-party to do this can often remove the much of the pressure. Our teams are sensitive to the difficulties involved and work with our clients with compassion and patience. We can work alongside you to sort out your property, or take charge of the project on your behalf, depending on your preferred approach. We can also refer clients on to medical experts who can help tackle the underlying reasons behind a compulsive hoarder.

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What our clients say about us​

I was very impressed by the staff at Simply Junk Removal when they moved my office furniture into our new building; they were friendly, helpful and hard-working. They moved all of my stuff without any damage to it and all without any hidden fees. I would most definitely recommend them to a friend.
Jane May