DIY & construction waste

DIY & construction waste

When you are renovating a property, removing DIY and construction waste can be expensive and time consuming. Bathroom and kitchen renovations involve ripping out large and bulky items that quickly fill up space. Many properties don’t have space to keep a skip, and permits required to keep one on the street can be as much as £1,000 a week, eating into your DIY budget.

Whilst a skip can be cost effective for heavy waste (such as bricks and soil), for lighter, bulker waste or smaller payloads, our removal services offer a cheap solution.  Our team can cater for all property types and save you time and effort of multiple trips to the tip.

Need help to clear rubbish from your commercial or domestic building basement? We have huge experience in clearing junk from all size and types of basements.

We will help you to load the waste into the vehicle, taking it off your hands fast to leave you free to get on with the rest of your project. Large household appliances such as fridges require legally compliant disposal. So it is safer and easier to have a specialist handle it for you. As an environmentally-friendly junk removal firm, we dispose of all waste in a responsible manner, recycling or reusing whatever we can.

If you are in a rush or have been let down, we can provide emergency same day clearance of your DIY and construction waste. Just give us a ring on 02030966323.

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Very impressed by the prompt clearance of my flat, they were very quick and very helpful. The staff were really friendly and generally made the experience a pleasant one, I will definitely by using you again if need be.
Billy Hawkes