Probate Service

Probate service

When someone dies, his or her next of kin, relative or executor has a lot to sort out. Assessing and valuing the late person’s possessions can be particularly distressing, as can sorting out their house or flat.

The probate lawyers require a full written report of ‘estate and chattels’ for tax reasons, while many Wills involve individual bequests that must be located and identified.

Probate Clearance Company. All house clearance undertaken, Probate Clearances,Rubbish Clearances, Small Removals

Simply Junk Removals’ experts can take on these processes for you, handling everything with sensitivity and empathy, while working effectively to sort things out in the shortest time possible. They know how to separate items that might be of monetary or sentimental value and can arrange the disposal, recycling or resale of everything that is no longer needed. They then clear up behind them, leaving you with a neat and tidy property.

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I was very impressed by the staff at Simply Junk Removal when they moved my office furniture into our new building; they were friendly, helpful and hard-working. They moved all of my stuff without any damage to it and all without any hidden fees. I would most definitely recommend them to a friend.
Jane May